Card Games In The Casino With The Best Chances Of Winning: Blackjack Co

Card Games In The Casino With The Best Chances Of Winning: Blackjack Co

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It is no coincidence that there are professional blackjack players and some casinos are completely about this game of chance with the best score “21”! With the appropriate rules and the possibility to get advantageous information from played cards on the composition of the rest of the deck, blackjack is no longer a game of chance with a lot of practice and skill. As a card counter, you can even gain an advantage over the casino and make long-term profit in this card game.


Blackjack can be one of the most lucrative games in the casino. However, it can also be very expensive for beginners when compared to other card games. It all depends on the table rules and your mastery of strategy. The better the rules and your skills are, the more money you can win.

RTPs of Blackjack

As for the rules, we have to look for the ones that are in our favor. Here are the rules that affect the return of player (RTP) the most:

  • Payout for a Blackjack: +1.39% RTP for a payout of 3:2 (vs. 6:5).
  • Number of decks: +0.47 RTP for a single deck (vs. eight decks)
  • Doubling down to any amount: +0.25% RTP (vs. only 9 to 11)
  • Dealer stands at soft 17 (A-6): +0.20 RTP (vs. hit any 17)
  • Double after split: +0.17% (vs. no “double after split”)
  • Re-splitting aces: +0.08% (vs. no re-splitting)
  • Surrender: +0.07% (compared to no surrender)

We need to know the blackjack strategy by heart in order to make the mathematically optimal decision in any situation. A blackjack table helps us to learn the basics quickly.

Provided we find enough favorable rules and use an optimal basic strategy, we can look forward to an RTP between 99.5% and 99.7%. This is still less than you bet, but with card counting you can even achieve a positive payout of more than 100%.



Baccarat is a card game for money in the casino. Apart from Casino War (will be covered later), Baccarat is the easiest game to play on this list. It only requires that you bet on one of the following three outcomes:

  • Banker bet: Wins if the banker hand wins.
  • Player bet: Wins if the player hand wins
  • Tie bet: Wins if both hands are tied.

Banker bet is the best among the bets. It delivers an RTP of 98.94% even if 5% commissions are deducted from the winnings. The player bet is close behind in terms of payback. It offers 98.76% RTP, making it a good choice when we get tired of the main bets.

The draw bet is one that is best avoided. It offers only 85.64% RTP on 8:1 payouts and 95.16% payback on 9:1 payouts. In any case, it is not a good offer. Baccarat also offers a number of side bets. However, we should be careful when making these bets because some of them are just as bad, if not worse, than the draw bet.

Texas Hold’em

Casino game

Although it is not the most popular game in land-based casinos, Texas Hold’em Bonus is still present in Las Vegas and beyond. It works much like standard Texas Hold’em, except that we get to play against the casino and earn bonuses. Each round starts with us placing an ante and an optional bonus bet. Then we are dealt two hole cards, just like in regular Hold’em. We can either fold or bet double our ante to see the flop (the first three cards).

Once the flop is dealt, we can check or bet 1x the ante. On the turn (fourth card), we can either check or ante 1x. In both cases we get to see the river (fifth card). On the river, we and the dealer each show their hole cards. The best five-card hand wins. If we beat the dealer, we get the same amount for pre-flop, flop and turn bets. We must win with a straight or higher to get even money with the ante. In all other cases, the ante bet pushes.

The bonus bet depends on the first two cards we receive. We need a qualifying two-card hand according to the casino’s paytable. With Texas Hold’em Bonus we can reach up to 97.96% RTP. Of course, we need to apply a perfect strategy to reach this mark. An optimal strategy requires that we know when to bet on each street based on your hole cards and board cards.

Our best chance of winning at card games is to find a player-friendly blackjack table. In this case, you can expect an RTP of 99.5% or higher. If we don’t want to put a lot of work into it, we can also settle for Baccarat. The banker bet offers 98.94% payback whether we play online or in Las Vegas. Once we get beyond these two games, the RTP drops below 98%. Moreover, we need to use the right strategy in these games to get the highest possible payback.

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