Books to Read About Relationship

Books to Read About Relationship

Books to Read About Relationship

We cannot imagine our lives without love, but in some cases, we are not too careful about it. In the following article, we will tell you about the 5 best books on love. 

Happily Ever After

How is it to be together? It’s not always easy and simple! In a relationship, we experience different emotions: we laugh and fool around, feel happy and worry about trifles, get angry when a partner does not understand us, and argue over the choice of a movie. Debbie Tung shows what love looks like every day. You will surely recognize yourself in the heroes: you will laugh, be sad, but most importantly, learn to cherish every moment lived together. Whether it is pressing the 22Bet Login button to play your favourite games or reading books, you will feel excited.

Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together


Belinda Luscombe has been writing for Time magazine about relationships for 20 years. And she actively practised them. She discovered six areas that cause the most problems – for everyone: intimacy, quarrels, finances, family, sex, and mutual assistance. The book contains instructions for technical inspection of relationships. It contains many situations from family life in which you will surely recognize yourself, and tips to fix everything that is messing up. With a fair amount of humour.

I Want a Baby

The comic book by French writer Lucille Gorse is based on a personal story. Once she and her husband were faced with the inability to conceive a child and decided to fight for their dream. The heroes will follow the same path: with endless visits to doctors and attempts to enjoy life no matter what. Lucille brought up a topic that is not customary to talk about. But she did it so delicately, with such honesty and humour, that we advise everyone to read it. And those who are faced with similar problems, and those who have never thought about them.

Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

From this book, you will learn how to return affection, trust, and intimacy to relationships, what is the main cause of family conflicts and why we ourselves destroy love. Anyone who is just looking for a couple will learn how to create harmonious ties from the first days of a relationship. The seven dialogues given by the author will tell you how to build a conversation with a partner if something goes wrong. You will stop quarrelling over trifles and learn to hear each other. Examples from practice will help you see your partner from the outside.

Passion Paradox

The heart beats faster, the feeling of flight and a sea of ​​emotions. And then what will happen next – it depends on you. If you do not fall into the trap of passion – when one loves, and the second allows himself to be loved – you are provided with many years of tenderness and love. What if you’ve already been caught? You better get out of it. And everything will be fine too. In the book of the famous psychologist, there are answers to all questions: why people fall into the trap of passion and how to get out of it, what are the right behaviours and how to revive feelings.

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