Sports Betting Insight: Basics For Getting Started

Sports Betting Insight: Basics For Getting Started

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Among gambling enthusiasts, sports betting has lost some of its attention in recent months and years in light of the massive poker boom, but that should not obscure the fact that sports betting enjoys immense popularity worldwide. Even in this country, sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are numerous smaller and larger betting shops in almost every city, and online betting offers are also booming on the Internet. Interest is very high, but how does sports betting actually work?

The following is intended to provide a first insight and overview of what to look out for in sports betting, what can be bet on and how to be successful when betting. All the basics you need to get started are explained in detail.

What Are Sports Bets?

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Sports betting involves wagering money on specific sporting events. Betting providers are primarily either traditional local betting shops, where stakes and winnings are paid in and out in cash, or online betting providers (bookmakers), where the betting money is booked to the betting accounts set up (deposit e.g. by credit card, bank transfer or also online payment methods such as PayPal, Moneybookers or Neteller). Depending on the provider and possible fees and much more because of the different betting odds, a possible profit can be different. More about this later.

On Which Sports Can I Bet?

Today, bets can be placed on almost all sports. Soccer bets are by far the most popular, whereby by no means only on Bundesliga games, but also on games in lower classes of domestic and foreign leagues as well as international matches, Champions League matches or in the summer also friendly matches are bet. But people also like to bet on tennis matches, ice hockey games, boxing matches, Formula 1 races, ski races or American sports such as baseball, basketball or football, as well as animal competitions such as horse racing or dog racing. Even on in our latitudes rather “obscure” sports such as cricket, curling or lacrosse can be bet.

What Is The Best Way To Get Started With Sports Betting?

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As a beginner, you should start with a low capital to gain experience. It is of course indispensable to inform yourself about the latest results and standings in the respective sport and to analyze the balances of the athletes and sports teams in detail. Table standings, results and statistics can be accessed via the Internet. Live scores and live tickers are also often offered here, with which current sporting events can be followed live. On many Internet portals, you can get additional information or exchange ideas with other betting players. Expert and user tips as well as background information can provide valuable tips for a successful bet.

System Bets Instead Of Combined Bets

Combi bets are very popular, as you can dream of very big profits due to the high combined odds. However, the chance for this is accordingly low. While for single games (for single bets) you can certainly manage to estimate the probabilities better than the bookmaker, it would be extremely difficult to achieve this for 4 or 5 games. Our tip is to combine only 2 or 3 games and no more! Higher combinations should only be played in system bets, because then a game can “fall over” and you still make a profit.

I hope that these lines have given you a little insight into the world of sports betting and perhaps you will feel like betting a few euros on the occasion of the start of the season and thus enjoy not only the increased excitement but also the chance to win.

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